October 11, 2015

Get outside of your box!

Get outside of your box!

Sometimes I get an overwhelming urge/need for fortified wine! If you don’t know what I mean, GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX!

There are so many things to consume in the world. Why on earth do we subject ourselves to a monotonous diet? If all you drink is riesling, go buy a bottle of Chateau d’Originac Pineau de Charentes! The voluptuous, mouth coating texture of this incredible wine takes you on a sensual roller coaster! This wine is like 50 shades of taste, all different, one after another!

We just hired a new steward and before the end of his first day, he had “seen 30 things he’s never heard of and tasted 20 of them!” You should try it too! Don’t give in to the norm. Don’t pick the things you know. Eat excitedly! #gettothefarm #getoutsidethebox

love you all!


Mike Romine

Executive Chef/Owner

The Mulefoot Gastropub

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