October 16, 2015

The War between Quality and Quantity


There is a battle raging, and we are loosing.

In today’s profit driven society, the american consumer is the victim.  What’s even more obscene is that we are funding the campaign against ourselves!!  We fuel the fire that destroys us.  How depressing.

What would happen, if we as a community, decided to choose QUALITY over quantity?  What if we chose a local company over the big box store?

At the Mulefoot, we have one driver, and that is the QUALITY!  When we decided to open in Imlay City, people literally thought I’d lost my mind.  My own community thought we would fail because we wouldn’t sell a $7 burger.  The idea of purchasing ‘cheap’ has been so ingrained in our lives in Lapeer County that our community at large didn’t believe we could be successful!  We put our own economical “head in the noose” by blindly following the rhetoric of corporate america!  We would rather buy a shitty piece of furniture from IKEA and replace it every year than support an AMERICAN craftsmen.  Get this folks–hand crafted products maintain their value, and the coolness factor always comes back!  Why wouldn’t you buy the better version that will last generations?

I love the example that Europe provides, specifically Copenhagen, Denmark.  The epicenter of Copenhagen is also the oldest part of the city.  Extending from the center are rings of development.  The Danish preserve the old, and utilize undeveloped space for the new.  The danish would never dream of tearing down their history!  Matt and I peeled peas for Noma, in a building that was built in the 1500’s!!  Heres the crazy part, not only are those building still being used, but they’re highly sought after!  If I spend $1mil on a finely crafted building,  it is worth it because my family will continue to profit from its assets for centuries!  Thats a no brainer for long term growth.   It’s sound investment.

The idea is that QUALITY transcends everything else, and applies to all of life.    Quality is a lifestyle and a CHOICE!  You are the strategy, the soldier, and the weapon that can defeat the enemy!  When you are choosing where to shop, buy the HIGHEST QUALITY you can find.  For your children’s sake, stop shopping at Walmart.

When it come to food, poor purchasing decisions will literally kill you! Eating manufactured/processed food will literally put you on the fast track to a long, slow, painful death!

I have a dream for Imlay City and that dream is to be the voice of the craftsmen.  I am a craftsmen, and when it comes down to it, the craft is what makes my heart beat!  When you spend your next dollar, will it be given to the craftsmen or squandered to the masses?

Love you all!


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  • Catharine Pearce says:

    I couldn’t agree more. My husband and I have traveled throughout Europe and their respect for history, for eating naturally and without all the added junk shows. As a whole their health is better and their percentage of obese adults is far lower than ours. Your commitment to quality food is reflected in the amazing food you prepare. Just thinking about it, I can’t wait until our next dining experience with you!

    • Mike Romine says:

      Thank you so much! I appreicate your kind words, and look forward to seeing you soon! I believe we are the cusp of a food renaissance in Michigan where WHOLE REAL food will take the lead!!

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